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Media Relations and Publicity

We have extensive experience in achieving publicity goals as well as a large national network of media contacts. As experienced content creators, we are adept at preparing and placing news releases, feature articles and general media briefing documents in order to maximize publicity opportunities for our clients effectively and cost-eHciently. We act as a press office for our clients and organize press conferences, press releases, specialized articles, speeches, corporate presentations, press trips and media cultivation on their behalf.

Event Management

ARPR has extensive experience in planning and managing large or small scale events including product launches, project announcements, conferences, participation in international trade fairs, fundraisers, enrollment events, or other promotional opportunities. We work with clients to identify the most suitable events, devise and implement plans to make these events memorable, manage logistics flawlessly and ensure post publicity.

Digital Media

We can help you understand digital communications and social media and the far reaching opportunities they present. Our digital and social media consultants will outline what’s already happening in your industry, how you might engage your stakeholders online, how to maximise your online audience reach through social media effectively and securely, and train you and your staff to make the most of your online strategy overall

Crisis Management

The most important factor when dealing with crisis situations is preparedness. We work with clients and other consultants to analyze crisis scenarios for their business and develop and implement strategies to overcome potential areas of diHculty or sensitivity quickly and effectively


The consultancy applies its range of skills in the research, writing and production coordination of marketing documents such as newsletters, annual reports, brochures, promotional vehicles such as audio and video presentations

Community and Stakeholder Relations

We have experience in working to improve community relations through communication. This includes developing and undertaking research and consultation programs and implementing appropriate communication vehicles to improve relations between organizations and their communities such as municipalities, local authorities, etc

Internal Communications

All organizations depend absolutely on the motivation, skills and integrity of their workforces. The consultancy is experienced and expert in applying the rules of best practice communication to ensure that employee relations are based on planned, effective two-way information flow between management and the workforce.


We offer communication, presentation, negotiations, media and customer care skills training programs. Our practical ‘hands on’ approach to training has proved its value for many of our clients. We also coach our clients to deliver speeches and create excellent and moving presentations